Product range overview

The Nigella IT database for medical devices in the Netherlands, contains data on approximately 40.000 medical devices. New products are added on a daily basis, as well as updates to existing records. Nigella IT provides the products in the database with, among other things, general product information, a usage advice, product features and images. All information is processed in an objective, independent, non-commercial and standardized way.

Your products as well are included in this database.

To ensure the accuracy and currency of all recorded products in the database, Nigella IT yearly asks its manufacturers and suppliers for an up-to-date range overview.

The use of our medical device database in the market

The Nigella IT database has a broad application in the market. It is used as a source of information for product information and usage advices. It can also be used as a means to find product alternatives. Information from the database is distributed through custom software solutions such as BeverOnline website, BeverOpMaat products and the BeverOnline Web services. About 85% of the online platforms in the field of medical devices in the Netherlands are provided with our content. Nigella IT processes an average of 1 million requests per day.

Nigella IT collects and maintains GPH codes (Dutch classification for medical devices, derived from ISO). These codes are used to classify products. Additionally, Nigella IT is involved in the clustering by health insurers. In this process, products are clustered based on certain characteristics/features.

The Nigella IT database is consulted and applied throughout the entire Dutch medical device market. This includes manufacturers, healthcare providers and other professionals, medical device suppliers, home care services, wholesalers, health insurers and pharmacies.

The advantage for you as a manufacturer or supplier

We want to provide you, the manufacturer or supplier, with the best possible service. Your products are included in the database free of charge; Nigella IT strives to be complete. To be sure that the products are represented correctly, we may contact you should any additional questions arise.

New products can be registered through our e-mail address The information about your products will be made available to Nigella IT customers via our software solutions.

Asking you for a complete list of your product range enables us to check whether the data in our database is correct and complete. This way you can be sure that your product range has been checked and updated.

What should the range overview contain?

A complete list of your product range should contain as much of the following items as possible:

  • Z-index code (if applicable)
  • Article name
  • Article number
  • Units in package
  • Recommended purchasing price (B2B) excl. or incl. VAT
  • Recommended selling price (B2C) excl. or incl. VAT
  • BTW (VAT rate)
  • EAN code
  • GPH code

We prefer to receive your product overview in an Excel file, at our address: Other formats are also welcome.

Should you have any questions, you may reach us via or on working days between 8.30 am and 5.00 pm on 0031 45-5441005.